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This is an amazing flight simulator that is one of a kind as it is the best that has ever been introduced into the gaming market. The game aims to provide a realistic flying experience that the players will enjoy as they play without any complications.

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The game is only sold at the official website thus the players do not have to deal with the hustles of checking out various stores to find the versions they are looking for. This way, they can be sure that they will not be conned or get fake products as they are only bought from trusted manufacturers. The players are also able to save money as they don’t have to incur distribution costs making the game quite affordable. To get more into the manufacturer’s details, it is important to note that network/LAN supports around 32 clients. This helps friends to connect with each other and form up to 4 teams to engage bandits in numerous massive furballs.

The flight simulator features

The flight simulator features simple controls that can be used by anyone without worrying about using avionics. This enables individuals to move straight to maneuvering as the game is playable with a joy stick or keyboard.  Once the player is done with grooving and moving, he/she can use the full tacview ACMI recording that supports the reviews of the grooves and moves. The game has realistic flying dynamics that come close to real life so that the players feel as though they are flying a real plane.

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It also features an advanced A.I that was created after a lot of time and effort was put in. This makes sure that the game provides a great opponent so that the players feel like they are up to a challenge to enjoy the game even more. While playing, individuals are able to choose from at least 7 flyable real world jets that allow them to fly their favorite modern jet model, Fulcrums, Raptors, vipers and many more. The flight simulator also features a joystick support plug that can also be used on a game pad.

The game comes with a totally modeled and realized world that is complete with accurate surroundings and landmarks from every part of the globe which is powered by the reliable Google maps. It also maps out the solar system precisely as well as climate patterns that can be accessed in real time to depict true to life weather situations in all the spaces of the world with this flight simulator. This helps the players to feel like they get to transverse the globe in the plane they have selected.  When it comes to planes, the game offers a large assortment of precisely modeled versions.

Currently there are at least 120 planes where individuals can pick the ones they want. Thanks to the devoted team of developers of the game, there are more models of planes that are added on a regular basis to give the players more options. One of the things that make the game exquisite is the fact that it has superior software when compared with other versions of flight simulator. This is because it is made to appear as real as possible. Everything in the game including plane reactions, terrain, planetary movements and alignments look like they belong on the real earth.

The flight simulator also features an in depth selection of maps and aircrafts. The game consists of more than twenty thousand airports that are well spread in different places of the world, beautiful scenery packs that are drawn out properly and a variety of models of planes. It also comes with special bonuses that beat various packages. Some of the bonuses available include free combat flight stimulator sport, kelpie flight planner and interactive scenery designer. It also has a professionally implemented internet part. The 2 main things that stand out with the online mode are chatting and flying that has been put together in a brilliant manner.

Individuals do not have to worry about wasting their money on something that will not impress them as the game comes with a reimbursement guarantee plan that lasts for 60 days. This means that if the flight simulator does not deliver the promises put on the package, the buyers can return it to get their money back. Players also get to enjoy free updates for the rest of their lives. This is where they get to learn about all the developments that are created to make the game even better.

One of the problems that individuals might experience with the game is the fact that it might take a little time to obtain the entire package. This is because it is not a small package and may be difficult when one does not have strong internet connection because it might take a few hours to download. However, this is not such a huge problem with the flight simulator as it can be upgraded to the DVD version that can be done on the members’ space with ease. First time players may also have a hard time getting the hang of the game but this fades off with time as the players get used to the game.

The difficulty of the game is brought about by numerous and varying maps and aircrafts which can be a little confusing when one is not familiar with flight simulator. It is therefore vital to study the game for a while to understand all the aspects to enjoy the game without many surprises on the way. Players can also go through a number of online resources that give out directions on how to play to start enjoying the game as soon as possible.

The game attracts both veteran and new flight simulation lovers as it provides an out of this world experience for everyone to have a good time playing. Once individuals have started out with the flight simulator, they will realize why it is the best version in the market as they discover all the high quality features it has mostly because of the real time information that it possesses Click Here To Grab Pro Flight Simulator Now .

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